How to Disable Annoying Icon Highlighting in Windows 7

Okay so this is the problem…

notice what some people to believe to see a disgusting feature of windows 7..

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Tired of viruses? Never get them again!



People are constantly getting viruses and have no idea how or why they got them. Well certain website will trick you into downloading things… download things automatically for you… or even grab your information from your internet browser. There’s a simple way to prevent this that I just [ad]recently came up with the idea to look for. I figured why not run a virtual machine like the FBI does. Basically a virtual machine is a computer inside your computer that can’t make any changes to your original computer unless you specifically tell it to. Using a virtual machine you don’t even need virus protection. After a little bit of searching I found sandboxie

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Debugger USB Stick

Instructable is now having a usb contest… any ideas? I’m considering making a stick that can be built for debugging one you can use to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete with using a button and then have arrows and an enter button for navigation… I think I’ll call it the “Broken-Windows Block”. So comment your best idea of something useful that involves a usb stick

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The iBass (intro)

The prebuild process has been completed, the design is planned out and all coding/prototyping is complete. It will work as an attachment for the isnare. It’s casing will be of course in an altoids tin. It will be using the same technology as touch lamps.

If you are wondering how this works, touch lamps use a component called touch capacitive sensor, which it uses very little electricity to check the capacity of whatever is roughing it is. Imaging a sink turning a faucet on, when it is turned on it is streaming directly onto the bottom on the sink, this is just like a touch circuit when nothing is touching it. But say we put a cut underneth the faucet and now It begins to fill up, an nothing is touching the bottom. This is just like a touch circuit when it is being used. It works simply by testing to see if capacity has changed and this is the technology the iBass is using. Check back for the finished iBass and the build process. Until then keep rocking your isnare and send and solos in if you got something good.

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The iSnare

So Today I finally finished my long awaited Coffee Cup Project. I wanted to do something more creative that would beat out the competition by using technology, well its safe to say that I think I have a good chance with my new invention the iSnare. Its capable of producing a real-like snare drum sound and also playing music. I’ve always wanted to make one ever since the first year I was in high school. Well I’ve finally made one.

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Advances in Power and Technology

Today while surfing instructables and google I was able to find out a lot more about ways we can be even more efficient with technology.

The most interesting thing I came across was the Jewel Joule Thief. I’ve read about them tons of times, but I’ve never looked into them. What a Joule Thief does is forces to get the remainging power out of a battery that would normally appear to be dead. I thought It would be useful if we would be able to make the power that we normally cannot use, well useable. So I searched how to use it to charge another battery normally. “If you build it, they will come.” (Field of Dreams)

I also came across another way to get the energy we are wasting back, by using thermoelectric generators. A typical lightbulb wastes 95% of its energy as heat. Now, this is just a little heat from you’re light bulb, imagine how much heat comes out the chimneys of our houses, the engines from our cars, or the steam from factories.

I say we take it back.

We have no excuse not to be efficient there is so much energy all around us. We are able to obtain energy from water, energy from wind, energy from the sun, and even energy from used soda cans?. If we have all this energy available, whats the point of wasting gasoline.

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led flashlight made from scrap

Today I felt like making something new, I had an empty Altoids can laying around and a few broken scuffed led key chains so I figured, why not put them together to make something useful. Proceeding that, I went to home depot and bought a solar powered lawn light for $5. I then combined them all to make the project you see below. All of the build process has been documented and an instructable will be has been made.

Make one for yourself: via instructables

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Glowing jewlrey box gift

This weekend my ex’s gf’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to personally make her a present. The first thing I did was go to the craft store and got a wooden box, after that I gut the top apart and got the dimensions of the hole I made. Next I went to home depot and got a sheet of plexiglass to match it’s dimensions. After all the hardware was finished next was my favorite part, the programming. I wired up 6 jumbo red LEDs to the arduino and put a fade program on the arduino.

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Makeshift mintyboost

      So this morning I woke up and the first thing I realized was I had forgotten to charge my phone and I also have class today. So I grabbed some wire, a battery, a 7805 regulator, and a USB hub from an old computer with a fried motherboard. In the remaining 10 minutes I wired everything together to make a makeshift mintyboost for my iPhone. Here is the result, also for housing I used a cardboard box from sparkfun.
      After finishing that I wanted to get rid of the wire mod so I put it all on a board and housed it correctly in the box.

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